Monday, December 2, 2013

Skin Actives Dream Cream—the Answer to Dry Skin

Skin Actives Dream Cream 
Every so often, I discover a product in my beauty arsenal that I am so thankful for at that moment even though that product has been unused and ignored for months. By some kernel of sheer brilliance (or maybe just luck??) I saw this cream online and decided to try it. Thank god for Skin Actives and Dream Cream!!!
Skin Actives Dream Cream 2
For about a month and a half, my facial skin has been so dry that, at times, it has been downright uncomfortable. Having completely forgotten about my neglected jar of Dream Cream, I discovered it the other day and have slathered it on my face ever since. After the first application, the moisture began to return to my parched skin and all became right with the world. This lovely, creamy, moussey (my new favorite, made-up word) yummy potion is so moisturizing that I’ve started using it in place of my usual hand and nail cream (goodbye dry cuticles!!). It also works wonders on dry elbows, knees and just about anyplace where dry skin lives.
Skin Actives Dream Cream Ingredients
A view at the ingredient list shows why it’s so wonderful: sea kelp bioferment, shea butter, oils (jojoba, rosehip, sesame, sweet almond, avocado seed, coconut, pomegranate seed, etc) as well as a number of ingredients that are found in antiaging skincare products. The folks at Skin Actives have a real winner with this one!!! In fact, because it has literally saved my skin this winter, Dream Cream receives the coveted “Love” rating from Ages of Beauty!
Skin Actives Dream Cream swatch
If you or someone in your household has dry skin (or even if no one does, they may someday and you’ll want to make sure you have this!) head on over to the Skin Actives website and purchase a jar of Dream Cream by clicking here. Available in three sizes (4 oz to 64 oz) and starting at $30 per jar, this is one purchase that you absolutely will not regret! Use it “as is” like I do or mix it with your favorite Skin Actives ingredients for your own customized moisturizer. Dream Cream also makes a great gift!!!

Ages of Beauty rating: *****