Monday, November 11, 2013

Wayne Goss Makeup Brushes

Wayne Goss Mekeup Brushes
One of my favorite You Tube makeup artists is Wayne Goss, who lives and works in Cardiff, Wales. Not only a respected, working makeup artist for fifteen years, Wayne shows a care and compassion for his models (and fans) that you don’t often see. He’s also obsessed with makeup brushes, which lead to him developing his own line. I pre-ordered Wayne’s brushes several months ago and they arrived a little over a week ago. Read on for my thoughts!

Wayne conceived and developed his brush collection without backing from a large company. This allowed him to call all of the shots with regard to the production, quality, materials, price point, etc. Because he funded them 100% by himself, the initial run was limited edition and all orders were pre-ordered. For $210, I received eight handmade (in Japan) brushes . Each brush uses real, cruelty-free hair, ensuring the highest quality and the softest brushes you can imagine (and they ARE!). The handles are shiny black with the brush number and the brand stamped on, much like you find on a MAC makeup brush. Wayne recommends that you apply a clear nail polish over top the printing to minimize wear (I still need to do this). With the exception of the foundation brush (which uses white hair), all of the brushes utilize black hair which is carefully packed into the ferrule. These are the first brushes I’ve owned which have not produced any loose hair what so ever. I love that!! My understanding is that the Collection has been such a hit that not only will individual brushes be available soon but the sets will be re-ordered.

Here’s a breakdown of each brush:

Wayne Goss Foundation Brush

Brush #1 is a foundation brush and as mentioned before, contains soft, white bristles. In fact, this is, without a doubt, the softest foundation brush I have ever used. I like the shorter handle (somehow it feels like I have more control) and the angled head allows one to reach all of the areas where we apply foundation.  I use it in swirling circles to apply liquid foundation and it’s amazing! Definitely easy to “hide” my pores with this one! On my last trip, I also used this brush to apply contouring cream and cream blush. To see Wayne’s You Tube video on this wonderful brush, click here. Expect to find this brush individually priced at $45 when it becomes available again soon.

Wayne Goss Mekeup Brush 02

Brush #2 is a powder brush that is so soft and luxurious that you won’t even know what’s touching your face! I also use this one for powder blush, bronzer and highlighter. Besides the softness, the best thing about it is the texture is so refined that it won’t disturb other makeup when you’re applying powder on your face. The nice, tapered shapes also allows for easy blending. Here’s Wayne’s video on Brush #2. Individually priced at $35.

Wayne Goss Mekeup Brush 03

Brush #3 is the large crease brush. The size and the tapered shape causes me to use it as a multi purpose brush for eye shadow, concealer, highlighter, loose powder and a host of other things. It’s also ideal (and aptly named) for applying color to the crease as well as blending out eye shadow. See’s Wayne’s Brush 3 video here. Priced at $32.

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush 04

Brush #4 is the medium crease brush and is another multi use brush like #3. I really like this one for layering shadows and blending on my hooded eyes. View the video here for this $28 brush.

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush 05

Brush #5 is the small crease brush and I love to use this one anywhere I need precision. This could be in the crease, applying a darker color on my hood or the outer part of my lid, applying a light, shimmery color on the tear duct, etc. The possibilities seem endless! The video for this one is here and the individual price is $25.

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush 06

Brush #6 is the blending brush and is used to blend just about anything---eye shadow, concealer, highlighter, etc. It’s also especially good for all of the blending required in a really good smoky eye. This one is shaped a bit rounder than some of the other eye brushes, which also makes it good for precision application of powder. See it in action here. Priced individually at $25.

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush 07

Brush #7 is a lip brush (and a great one at that!) but I also have used it for eyeliner and applying powder to my eye brows. See the video here. This one costs $17.

Wayne Goss Makeup Brush 08

Brush #8 is the Precision/Push brush, which can be used for eye liner (powder or gel). I’ve also used this one on my brows and it’s amazing! The video is here and it can be purchased individually for $17.

I love these brushes so much that they not only receive my highest rating, they also received my “Love” designation! For $210, the set of eight brushes is a great bargain. That breaks out to a little over $26 per brush. Those of you in the US can purchase the Collection (when it’s back in stock) at Beautylish and everywhere else in the world at Love Makeup. I believe both sites are taking pre-orders for the next sets available (sometime in November). 

Don’t miss out on these wonderful brushes! They are amazing!!!

Ages of Beauty rating: *****