Monday, October 7, 2013

Family Weekend 2013

JMU Family Weekend
This past weekend, my family celebrated what’s become a “rite of passage” for college students all over—Family (or Parents’) Weekend! While many of you were running errands, having barbecues, cleaning the house and doing all the things that you didn’t get done during the week, my husband and I traveled to beautiful Harrisonburg, VA to visit our son at James Madison University. For us, Family Weekend is a time to get together, take Jesse out for meals, purchase things he needs for his dorm room, catch up on all of the goings on at college and catch a football game. It also gives my husband and me some much needed downtime!

On Friday night, we had a good dinner at Capital Ale House and dessert at Kline’s Dairy Bar (a Harrisonburg Institution!). On Saturday, we attended the JMU/Albany football game, where JMU won 40-13! Wooohoooo! It had been a loooong time since I have attended a college football game and I have to admit that I got little tingles up my back when the drum line started up and JMU’s marching band took to the field (yes, I’m proud to say I was a band geek)!
JMU Marching Band
In addition to Jesse, we also had the pleasure of spending time with Jesse’s girlfriend, Mindy, whom we adore!
Mindy Jesse
Of course, no Family Weekend would be complete without Family Weekend Fashion---purple, gold and all the trimmings (I need to do a better job next year!).
Denise Barry
How about you? Did you do anything special this weekend?