Friday, September 6, 2013

Review: Sephora Elemental Energy Eye Shadow Palette

Sephora Pantone eyeshadow

As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, I purchased Sephora’s new Elemental Energy eye shadow palette last weekend and have been having a blast with it ever since. I’ve swatched, blended, tested and worn lots of eye shadow this week so keep reading for my results!

Note on the pictures below: Please ignore the scaly, dry and shriveled skin on my face. I did a TCA peel on my face a few days ago and the skin is still peeling!

Quad One
Sephora Pantone Eyeshadow Quad 3
Beginning in the upper left hand corner of the quad is an earthy looking group of browns with a sparkly emerald green. The lighter, yellowy/beige is soft and buttery and nicely pigmented. In the looks below, I used this color over my lid and into the crease and also used this one as a transition color after I blended the crease colors. This transition color helped me blend the crease colors into Mac Blanc Type shadow, which I used on the brow bone. The lighter of the two browns, a cooler grayish brown, was blended into the crease and the darker brown was blended at the very outer edge of the eye and into the crease. On the upper lash line, I used Stila’s Stay All Day Eyeliner in Moss. On the outer edge of the eye, I used the glittery emerald green shadow over the liner. This shade was very pigmented with a medium fine glitter. Urban Decay’s Mushroom eye pencil was used under the lower lashes and the Nars Rue Bonaparte eye pencil was used on the lower waterline for brightness.  Very nice. In this particular quad, all of the shades were well pigmented, not powdery and blended well.
Sephora Pantone Shadows swatch 3

Sephora elemental quad 1 look 1
Sephora elemental quad 1 look 2

Quad Two
Sephora Pantone Eyeshadow Quad 4

Quad two consists of four lighter, cooler toned shades: a slightly shimmery mint green, a matte taupey gray, a satin warmish lavender and a matte dark brown with a hint of purple. All four shades are very nicely pigmented. 
Sephora Pantone Shadows swatch 4
In the look below, I used the mint near the tear duct, the taupey gray over the lid, lavender in the crease and the dark brown in the outer V and up onto the lowest part of the brow bone. Under the brows, I applied Mac’s Gesso eye shadow, a great matte white. For eyeliner, I used Nars’ Via Veneto on the upper lash line, Urban Decay Mushroom under the lower lashes and Nars’ Rue Bonaparte on the lower water line. Lovely!
Sephora elemental quad 2 look 1

Sephora elemental quad 2 look 2

Sephora elemental quad 2 look 3

Quad Three

Sephora Pantone Eyeshadow Quad 1
Quad Three consists of a creamy, buttery matte cream that is loaded with pigment. There’s also a satin finished coral that is not as pigmented as the cream but it’s still nice. The dark brown is on the warm side and is a nicely pigmented matte. Finally, there is an amber shade that’s loaded with a very fine gold sparkle. What’s interesting about this shade is that it lays down like a satin shades but the fine glitter provides a nice shine when the light hits it.
Sephora Pantone Shadows swatch 1
In the shots below, I’ve got the cream on the inner half of my eye lid, stopping about midway across. The coral shade is on the outer half of the eyelid and the brown is blended in the crease. I applied a small amount of the amber right in the middle of my lid to add texture and a pop of color. Cream shadow was also used on the brow bone. On the upper lash line, I used a fine black eyeliner (The Balm’s Schwing!) and then the Urban Decay Mushroom pencil under the lower lash line. Over that I lightly dusted the brown shade from this quad.
Sephora elemental quad 3 look 1

Sephora elemental quad 3 look 2

Quad Four

Sephora Pantone Eyeshadow Quad 2
Quad four is actually the least like any colors in my collection. I’m not one to wear blues and greens on the eyes but after trying out these shades, I may just start! This quad contains a light, sheer blue with a satin finish. It’s not incredibly pigmented but it is buildable. The grey is a medium pigmented matte shade and the darker blue is a nicely pigmented matte. This shade was really the only one in the entire palette that gave me some difficulty while blending. The dark green is a beautifully pigmented deep emerald with a very fine silver/blue glitter.
Sephora Pantone Shadows swatch 2

For the eye look using this quad, I used the light blue over the lid with the gray as a wash on the outer part of the lid and into the crease, where I applied it more heavily to get a deeper look. The dark blue was applied on the outer V and into the crease as well as up onto the most prominent part of the brow bone. For liner, I used the Rimmel Scandal Eyes pencil in Deep Blue on the upper lash line and used the dark green shadow over that line on the outer half of the upper lid. For the lower lash line, I used the Urban Decay Mushroom pencil and then Nars Rue Bonaparte on the lower waterline. Mac Gesso shadow was used right under the eyebrow at the highest point as well as at the tear duct. Surprisingly, I loved this quad and will definitely be using it again!
Sephora elemental quad 4 look 1

Sephora elemental quad 4 look 2
I really do like this palette and for $38, it’s a great bargain! You can purchase this at your local Sephora or at their online site here.

Have you purchased this palette yet? You should check it out! It’s lovely!!!

Ages of Beauty rating: ****