Monday, August 12, 2013

Product Review: Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

Emma Hardee Moringa Cleansing Balm
I’ve been following the blog of the lovely Caroline Hirons (“Beauty Mouth”) for a couple of months now. She recommends a structured cleansing routine as follows for the evening: cleanse, cleanse, acid tone, hydrating spray, treatments, eye cream, moisturize. In the morning, you do all of this except the first cleanse (which is meant to take off makeup and/or sunscreen). The morning and evening treatments and moisturizer may be different depending on your individual needs. Anyway, as I began reading Caroline’s blog, I became very keen to try some of the cleansing balms she recommended (this is part of the first cleanse) and thus, became familiar with one of her favorite balms, Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm.
Emma Hardee Cleansing Balm Ingredients
A cleansing balm is a thick, sometimes oily cream that is used to dissolve makeup. In Caroline’s world, a balm (or something like it) is always the first thing one uses in the evening. Emma Hardie’s wonderful cleansing balm is a great example of what should be used. This wonderfully thick, luxurious concoction is a blend of various oils (grape seed, sweet almond, sunflower seed), water, glycerin, thickeners, conditioners, preservatives and fragrance (including essential oils). It smells absolutely amazing!!! Definitely a spa experience going with this one!
Emma Hardde Cleansing Balm 2
This balm comes in a large, 100ml wide mouth jar, which makes it very easy to remove for application. When scooped onto your fingers, it melts from the warmth of the skin, making it very easy to apply to the face. I usually apply it to dry skin and then lightly wet my fingers to aid in the distribution of the balm.
Emma Hardee Cleansing Balm Swatch
Once I apply the balm to my face, I really go to town massaging it all over my face, over my eyelids and eyelashes (close your eyes, please!) and it does a beautiful job of dissolving and removing my makeup. Once I have sufficiently cleansed the skin, I use a fresh wash cloth with warm water to remove the balm, my makeup and my sunscreen. At that point, I’m ready for my second cleanse, which is with a milk like cleanser to make sure absolutely all makeup and sunscreen is removed (I’m loving CeraVe right now!).
I really love this product and the whole idea of cleansing balms has gotten me to look for other products, including drugstore cleansing balms (more on that in another post). As for Emma Hardie, I have good news and bad news (well it’s not really bad)---this products rates 5 stars but it is not available in the US. Now hold on…even though you can’t go to your local Nordstrom or Macy’s doesn’t mean it’s not fairly easy to get. Emma Hardie’s products are manufactured in the UK (England to be exact) and are VERY EASILY purchased online from one of several websites that provide free shipping to the US! I purchased mine for about $57 at Bath & Unwind and it’s really not a big deal for them to ship it to you. It takes a little while to get to the US (about 10 days, I think) but it’s no more difficult than placing a regular online order.
Anyway, I love Emma Hardie’s Moringa cleansing Balm! If you’re looking for a great makeup remover, take the extra step and order it from Bath & Unwind. You won’t be sorry!

Ages of Beauty rating: *****