Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Love the Julep Maven Box!!

Julep Polishes
I first became acquainted with Julep Nail Polish this past Spring, when I purchased the color “Jennifer” at Sephora. Jennifer is a light beigey pink that is neutral and professional for the “working” side of my life. I liked it so much that I subscribed to Julep’s Maven Box program. This subscription service is customized for each member. Before shipments started, I filled out a beauty questionnaire that matched me up to one of Julep’s fun style profiles. I actually took it twice! The first time I was matched up to “Bo Ho Glam” and the second time to “Classic with a Twist.”
Julep It Girl Box
Each month, Julep sends me an email to tell me that my selections are ready. I can choose the box that contains my style profile or pick another one (or even opt out of a box that month). For $19.99, I receive the box of my choice and am also given the opportunity to purchase additional products at a deep discount. I’m loving this service!!!

Inside Julep Box
This past month, the box contained an envelope of Forget Me Not seeds as well as my order, wrapped in the lavender paper, above. I had also purchased Julep’s Champagne Trio on the side for $14, which is a great deal! This month’s “It Girl” selections (the package I chose) included the following polishes:

Julep Fiore Polish Julep Fiore Nail Polish

Julep Marjorie Polish
Julep Marjorie Nail Polish

Julep Nellie Polish
Julep Nellie Nail Polish

Fiore, Marjorie and Nellie are absolutely gorgeous colors for the summer! In fact, I’ve been very impressed with the formula and longevity of Julep polishes as well as the beautiful colors. For my money, $19.99 for three of these polishes is a great deal.

You can find Julep polishes at Sephora or on the Julep website. Check them out! You won’t be sorry!